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What is facial spider vein removal?

Facial Spider Vein Removal

 Facial spider veins (telangiectasia) is a condition to describe someone who has broken capillaries -- spider veins -- or unwanted blood vessels.  They may resemble a spider web, star, or dull to bright red dot.  At Scottsdale Enchantment you can remove those unwanted veins in a safe and simple procedure. 

What are the common causes of facial spider veins?

The most common non-disease related causes are: heredity, aging, X-ray, sun and light exposure, normal wear and tear on the skin, and injury, such as abrasion.  Patients with high blood pressure often have dilated facial capillaries.

What areas can be treated?

 Both men and women can have facial spider veins removed.  The face (under the eye and around the nose) and neck are the most common areas of removal.  Most patients have them removed for cosmetic reasons. 

How are facial spider veins removed?

 The basic removal process is simple and safe.  A disposable needle is inserted into the capillary, a high frequency current is applied and the vessel is quickly coagulated until a whitening replaces the broken capillary and thus disappears.  A few treatments may be necessary depending on the extent of the treatment needed.  Proper removal of facial spider veins causes no risk to the health of the skin, leaving no sign of treatment.